our company grows and strengthens from year to year


Venera carries out the logistics and distribution services of consumer goods in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina since its founding in 1995. Through many years of dedication to business, true learning and training, today, our company is one of the leaders in the distribution sector of consumer goods.

Venera provides a complete set of services starting from importing, storing, selling and delivering to customers as well as full marketing support to our partners.



We want to dedicate our knowledge to the satisfaction of the needs of our partners and maintain a constant quality in all business segments.



Our mission is to build and maintain long-term relationships with customers and consumers by offering them renowned world-renowned products.

the quality of the workflow as a basis for competitiveness and success


We consider socially responsible behaviour very important for the business of our company. Considering the dynamics of our business, we are focused primarily on our employees, who are responsible for all the results we are achieving. We strive to provide an incentive environment and business environment for employees in our company. Constant education, investment in human resources is something that allows us to adapt to changes in business and the market, and which are increasingly frequent. We are indirectly involved in all the activities that our principals carry out regarding this topic and we consider that ethical and transparent business is complementary to socially responsible business.