Albus is a renowned manufacturer on the domestic market in the field of household chemicals and personal cosmetics, with a wide range of products. Albus has 147 years of tradition in the production of high quality products that meet the high demands of the market.


ALUFIX is an Austrian company with more than 55 years tradition and headquartered in Wiener Neudorf. ALUFIX products have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives: in our homes, in the hotel & catering industry, as well as in the industrial and public sectors. With state-of-the-art production facilities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and China, ALUFIX ensures capacity balancing and cost-effective manufacturing.


BonŽita is a top-quality cereal dessert made by experts from Ravanica from expanded cereals and with delicious pieces of real fruit. BonŽita is rich in B vitamins, vitamins A and C and minerals from groups K, Mg, P…, which is why nutritionists consider it an extremely valuable food product.


Cipiripi is a favorite brand among all generations - no wonder, because it has been present on the market for decades. The children who once loved him have grown up, but the Cypriots are still buying, to their children. Thanks to high production standards, development of the latest technologies and constant investment in quality, Cipiripi cream is one of the leading brands in its category.


The factory that produces small fortunes was the dream of Firuz Canatli and he designed it himself in 1961. ETI's journey of taste began with the feeling of courage, dedication and innovation of a handful of people who work with ambition. ETI has grown, developed with quality and effort, and has become the first brand to come to mind in Turkey when it comes to sweets.


The HUKSOL brand belongs to Nutrisun GmbH & Co. Nutrisun sells fruit bars, muesli bars and modern sweeteners across Europe. They stand for the values of a modern family business that operates internationally.


One of the brands from Lomax Company. Kosili is a well-known name for generations of moms and babies. When we say Kosili, we mean tenderness, health, security. Let's revive that favorite scent of childhood that then begins to arouse only the most beautiful emotions. Baby hair cosmetics, with which we happily grew up, are now there for your little ones as well. Produced according to traditional Swiss technology that guarantees quality, with extracts of medicinal plants, without parabens, it is mild, fluttery and, of course, perfect, with a well-known scent.


AD „Medela“, Konditorska industrija, Vrbas proizvodi kvalitetne i zdravstveno bezbedne proizvode čime izlazi u susret zahtevima i očekivanjima svih naših kupaca i korisnika. Svoj poslovni uspeh i dalji razvoj zasniva na izradi proizvoda usaglašenim sa zahtevima normativnih dokumenata koji se odnose na kvalitet i bezbednost proizvoda (počevši od prijema polaznih materijala do isporuke gotovih proizvoda) i zahtevima, potrebama i očekivanjima kupaca i korisnika.


The Milford brand has been on the market for over 150 years. Orientation to the needs of people is one of the most important factors of the company's success, which is essential for continuous success throughout Europe. Safe, high-quality products paired with the company's tradition and innovation from trust lead to market success, and responsibility and trust, strong personal commitment, as well as years of experience and the courage to change are the company's most important values.


Today, Bacchus is one of the leading companies in Serbia in the production of non-alcoholic soft drinks. Since 2004, the company has adopted "Na ex" as the name for its brand. This name soon became generally known and together with it began the development of a new era of Bacchus company. The Na ex brand produces carbonated and non-carbonated refreshing drinks, as well as drinks with fruit juice and iced tea. Products from the range of this brand are intended for users of all ages.


Today, AD "Paraćinka" is engaged in the production of confectionery products in the range which includes the production of hard and filled candies, chewing gum with sugar and without sugar (sugar free), liquid chewing gum, lollipops, compresses and ratluk. Even today, production processes rely on proven technological procedures and recipes, knowledge and experience of workers that are passed down through the generations, harmonized with the HACCP quality system. Decades of existence, continuous presence on the market with recognizable quality, products and brands that have "hung out" with many generations is enough to justify the image of a company with a long tradition and one of the oldest companies in the confectionery industry in Serbia.


RO Fabrika "Ravanica" performs the main activity of production of biscuits, waffles, crackers, sticks and related products, and has a production line-products BonZhita, whose product has remained to this day as unique and recognizable in the production of healthy food. During the economic sanctions in 1993, the company recorded rapid development and became one of the leaders in the domestic market of confectionery products in FR Yugoslavia, expanded its activities to produce bread, pastries, bureks, donuts, pies and similar products.


RUBIN AD was founded in 1955 as a company for the production and trade of grapes and wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The main goal is the development of viticulture and the production of wine and alcoholic beverages based on grapes in the region of Krusevac.

SAVA Semberija d.o.o.

PI "Sava Semberija" was founded back in 1947, and since 2010 it has been operating within the German economic group "KRSTIĆ". The company's goal is to provide its consumers with a healthy and quality product, as their slogan says "Natural and healthy!". "Sava Semberija" products are made from responsibly produced raw materials, mainly from the Semberija region, and in that way it is achieved that the raw materials from the field reach the jar within a few hours. The quality of the raw material is controlled before processing in our own laboratory, and in the production process they do not use preservatives and additives, but achieve the durability of the product by pasteurization and sterilization.


We are proud to call ourselves the champion of less effort! At Spontex, we want to help you get cleaning out of the way so you can get back to the things you’d rather do! We’ve dedicated the last 80 years to creating products that shorten household chores, require less effort and, whenever possible, make it a little more fun!


Trivit Group with its headquarters in Bečej, Novosadski put 46, in its composition Trivit Group has two city bakeries "Trivit-pek" AD, "Bečejska pekara" AD and "Trivit CG" Nikšić, as well as a vegetable processing company Bag AD, in which employs about 250 workers. Since its founding until today, the Trivit Group has successfully privatized all companies, we have saved jobs, expanded production and sales capacities.


Vital is one of the largest and oldest factories of oils and vegetable fats in the Balkans. It is synonymous with tradition and quality in this area. After privatization, in October 2005, Vital became part of the Inway Corporation and continued its role as an undoubtedly important actor and leader of economic reality in the markets of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia.


Today, Vivax is a company with the most advanced production technology for juice production. Vivak is focused on continuous investment in the modernization of the production process, sustainable and healthy organizational structure, as well as continuous professional development of a team of more than 80 employees.


Since its founding in 1992, until today, the company Zlatiborac insists on its solid foundations - top quality products, which are created in cooperation of tradition, nature and innovation. The production capacities of Zlatibor are located in the same place where the tradition began - in the environment of the untouched nature of the Zlatibor village Mačkat. Zlatiborac is increasing its production only to the extent that it will not spoil the original and recognizable taste and quality of dried and smoked meat, but also other products that are on Zlatibor 's offer today for more than 25.

WALTZ (“Ćatić company”)

"Ćatić company" is a modernly organized and market-oriented company that constantly invests in quality and development. The most modern technology, unique recipe, meeting high world requirements and standards for food safety is the basis of our company's policy. Open and fair communication and cooperation with business partners is a recognizable way of doing business "Ćatić company" under the brand "Waltz" produces Cream rolls, Choco cream rolls, Waltz cream and Waltz block located in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Austria, Palestine, Iraq, Bulgaria.


Zvečevo has built a solid position thanks to strong chocolate and alcohol brands. Proof of the top quality of Zvečevo products are numerous awards, recognitions in the country and abroad, hundreds of medals and decorations for product quality, and several gold medals of the world institution for quality assessment - Monde Selection, Brussels.