Long-standing presence and market knowledge

Venera d.o.o. is one of the leading distributors of high quality consumer goods in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Extensive knowledge of the market, long-standing cooperation with renowned companies, and presence in the whole market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Efficient access to the market and consumers

Through an advanced network and built relationships with retail, we provide our clients with an efficient access to the market and their customers, as well as the availability of goods, both to customers and end consumers, at any time and in any place throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Development of distribution channels and tracking trends

We constantly align our experience and know-how with new trends in the market. By focusing brand management, maintaining relationships with key customers, improving the sales of individual brands, and developing new distribution channels, our company ensures continuous growth of turnover and market share in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A dedicated and professional team

Our team has over 140 professional experts and young professionals - who by their efforts demonstrate commitment to the company's results. . We invest in education and employee development, so that at any moment we are competitive and provide adequate knowledge and skills to respond to market demands.

Constant improvement of knowledge and skills

The sales team is trained using the knowledge, experience and principles of the companies we cooperate with. Our employees improve their knowledge through education and training in the field of sales, presentation skills, business negotiation, handling complaints, solving problems...

Keep up with the technology

We understand the importance of modern technology and continuously invest in IT. Modern sales support systems allow tracking of real-time sales team timings and activities. Fast data processing enables delivery within 24 hours.